Our Team

Vijaya Deshpande

Entrepreneur, Leadership Hiring expert, Talent Adviser, Consultant ,Executive Coaching, building clients business by recruiting the right talent.
I am a Result Oriented Executive Search professional having a great zeal , proactive attitude & a passion for executive search and Leadership Hiring & HR Analytics.
Believes in
A Passionate approach, Drives excellence & deliver customer Delight Business results…
With over two decades of professional service and consulting experience I have managed more that 1500 leadership searches for global / Indian companies in the IT, Ecommerce , Industrials, FMCG, Real Estate, Life Sciences, social Media, Start ups, Venture Capitalist, & Management consulting organisations.
I have a core expertise & experience to offer a personalized, bespoke search services with my industry knowledge and extensive network skill Translating business directions into actionable hiring needs, advising on risk and working closely with leadership team on the design and development of recruiting focus areas to deliver against business commitments.
I Get Driven by the belief that “Recruiting is the beginning of Enriching Relationship”

Think Buzan Certified Practitioner in Mind Mapping too !!!!

Snehal Nakadi

Entrepreneur, skilled in Research, Executive Search and Recruitment
I am an experienced Account Director with a demonstrated history of working in the staffing and recruiting industry.
I’m working with a wide range of customers , helping them to create values in areas like sourcing , Research analytics and Market research. I have built Market Research & Technical Training as a new practice area for Link Success through organic and inorganic means to build up what would qualify on a standalone basis in coming future. I believe that Research & Analytics is the future. I have deep expertise in mathematics, Analytics & Digital domains like Manufacturing , IT & Hospitality, Media, E-commerce and have a deep interest in CSR and bring significant insights on this topic.
Featured Skills & Endorsements:
Talent Acquisition
Employee Engagement

We are passionate professionals with a having more than 20 years, of experience we’ve learned from each success that our passion to help customers has always win and grown.

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