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We are looking for Front End Developers with typically 5-6 years of experience in Angual.js and at least one year experience in React.js.

They  are permanent jobs based in Kuala Lumpur.

You will join a Front End engineering team with responsibilities for developing and maintaining large single
page web applications.
Typical tasks include adding new visualizations, implementing progressive disclosure of data items, or
developing functionality for user generated content to enable collaborative investigations.
The specific responsibilities that relate to this role include:
•Build web based user interfaces using modern technologies using web 2.0 tools & technologies.
•Interpret the output from creative, artistic and UX teams, who would be responsible for the preparation of
mock-up UI’s and user stories
•Work with service integration API’s and in the definition of service interfaces optimized for use in building
web applications
•Optimising the use of software development tooling and processes, including development environments,
build, integration and software packaging.
•Understanding & implementing web security, accessibility, internationalization standards, patterns and
•Work with web server technologies, including Apache, IIS, JBoss, IBM, Oracle.
•Work with an agile development team, using scrum or kanban, coupled with experience working alongside
UX developers and API, core system engineers.
•Define UI test strategies, working with test automation technologies and building and running repeatable UI
test cases
•Work with various browsers, with mobile form factors and with building UI applications that remain
accessible across a wide range of browser technologies using responsive design considerations.
•Take design responsibility for limited functional changes
•Understand the impact of changes on other parts of the system
•Evaluate and integrate various open source technologies
We are looking for candidates with the following skills and experience:
•Familiarity with JavaScript MVC frameworks e.g. Backbone, Ember, Angular
•Familiarity with rendering frameworks e.g. React JS, Foundation (Zurb)
•Familiarity with jQuery and vanilla JavaScript
•Unit testing (e.g. QUnit, Mocha)


Template rendering (e.g. Dust, Handlebars)
•Utility libraries (e.g. Underscore, lodash)
•Extensive knowledge of web optimization principles and UCD methodologies
•Effective verbal communication and written skills, good attention to detail
•Able to demonstrate an aptitude for problem solving and analytical skills
•Able to work independently by proposing viable solutions based on a self-study of the existing code base,
without being heavily-reliant on others to guide you to a form of solution
•Not afraid to break the status quo by suggesting/implementing positive changes and refactoring to improve
code and product quality

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